Refresh Your Store Signage With The Shopfront Enhancement Grant


Is your shop or business front enticing people to stop, look and come inside, or are potential customers just passing you by? Your shop or office signage is the first impression your business makes to potential customers every day. With the Shopfront Enhancement Grant Scheme, you can refresh, redesign or improve your store signage with a grant from Westmeath County Council. The Shopfront Enhancement Grant Scheme funds up to €2,500 or 50% of the cost of the works, and with our competitive shop front signage pricing, uplifting your store signage may be less costly than you think.


No matter what your business, at Midland Print & Signs, we’ll deliver a signage solution to suit your specific requirements. We cater for all businesses, from hairdressers to pharmacies, from offices to factories – We Do It All! 


The benefits of stylish, well-designed signage are well accepted. Your ‘shop front’ communicates your business to passersby each day, and in business first impressions matter. Utilise store signage to communicate your brand, show-off the services you offer and appeal to potential customers with signage that’s working for you all day, everyday.