The advantages of using a local printer



There are a growing number of printers competing for your business. Many are online and offer what seems at first glance like great prices and deals. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll usually find that add-ons and charges greatly increase the price you’ll actually pay. Most online printers are based outside Ireland and even print brokers or resellers who are based in Ireland often use printers who aren’t.

That brings its own problems and that’s why we’re proud to have every part of our business from our presses to our suppliers based right here in Ireland.


Guaranteed quality

Many online printers are based outside Ireland and will print your job in bulk with others because it’s cheaper to print many jobs together. That means that your job is one of many on a large sheet so it won’t be checked for content or print quality.

At Midland Print & Graphic Design we pay close attention to every individual job and every individual customer so your job gets the attention it deserves. We use only top of the range equipment so your job will reproduce perfectly. Then it’s checked again by our expert print team.


Guaranteed delivery times

We deliver all over Ireland and we guarantee delivery times to give you complete peace of mind.  You can order your job and relax in the knowledge that it will arrive where and when you need it. This is something we pride ourselves on. Check out our testimonials on our website.

A customer service team who know your job

With many online printers, you’ll have no point of contact if you’ve a query about your job. However, when you contact Midland Print & Graphic Design you’ll speak to one of our customer service team. Our dedication to personal service means that you’ll talk to someone who knows your job and therefore can really help you with any queries or advice.

We’re so confident in the quality of our print, our turnaround times and our service it’s all guaranteed. In the unlikely event that you find an issue with any part of your job, contact us immediately and we’ll do everything possible to put it right.

At Midland Print & Graphic Design we supply high quality printed, marketing and signage products to customers throughout Ireland. We are the only company in the midlands of Ireland to provide businesses and individuals with essential design, commercial print and signage services all under the one roof. We understand the needs of our customers right across the country and we strive to supply print and service of the very highest quality every time. Check out our website to see how we can help you with your printing needs. You can get instant quotes, upload artwork, order your print and arrange delivery online. To see the full range of products we supply or to order your printed job from your own Irish print company, simply visit today.


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