Why Printed Business Stationery is Still Important

There is no doubt that over the past ten years digital technology and the internet has changed the marketing and advertising landscape worldwide. Online blogs, e-commerce and social media marketing are all the norm in today’s marketing.  Communication has altered because a lot of companies are emailing their day to day business correspondence. There may […]

Professional print services or DIY-you decide!

Printing your own material might seem like a cheaper alternative to using a professional printer, but all too often it’s a false economy. Here at Midland Print & Graphic Design we’re often asked to urgently print a job that has gone wrong elsewhere. Of course we’re always happy to oblige and we’ve found that once […]

The advantages of using a local printer

  There are a growing number of printers competing for your business. Many are online and offer what seems at first glance like great prices and deals. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll usually find that add-ons and charges greatly increase the price you’ll actually pay. Most online printers are based outside Ireland and […]

New Website

Need an Online solution? We don’t just build websites and create logos. We have the bigger vision and goal for your business. We will plan out a structured form of attack on your industry and work with you to create a growth programme that works for you. Need Marketing? Don’t have enough time to manage […]